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Case Studies Allied Medal Hangers

Allied Medal Hangers

Case Study.

How eCommScience Marketing Agency’s strategic Product Management helped Allied Medal Hangers to boost their sales on Amazon.

When Yuvraj, account manager at eCommScience, met with Joel, Director at Allied Medal Hangers, they discussed the best ways to boost sales on the most Leading online marketplace, which is Amazon. eCommScience officially handled the product management of Allied Medal Hangers, starting in Feb 2019. Below are the services which was covered by eCommScience:

  • Fixing duplicate listings on the account
  • Deleting any listings with potential trademark issues
  • Branding all featured products as Allied Medal Hangers
  • Linking the brand store to the brand name

Allied Medal Hangers has been selling on eBay and other online marketing website since a while now and recently they started selling on Amazon. For the first time ever, Allied Medal Hangers united with a Marketing firm.

The Listings of Allied Medal Hangers on Amazon were unorganized and scattered. Due to that, they were getting very less traffic and sales conversion ratios was less than 10%. As we all aware that Amazon is bigger online selling marketplace with so many competitors, hence eCommScience started managing and reconstruct their complete account.

Overcoming Challenges

The eCommScience team coordinated with Allied Medal Hangers team to get the accurate information like high resolution product photos, UPCs, and latest model of the product. These information helped us to reconstruct the listings. The eCommScience closely worked with the Joel and his in house team.

The eCommScience team prepared and finalized the product list along with the new inventory sheet and sent it to Joel for the confirmation. Once Joel confirmed it, we started deleting the duplicate and unnecessary listings and products. eCommScience team Around 40 to 50 listings which were duplicate and unoptimized.

After resolving the all the issues, eCommScience team started to create a new optimized listings of each and every products with the keyword research. Along with that we also started working on Brand name correction and branding all featured products as Allied Medal Hangers and we linked the Brand store to the Brand name as well.

TWe had to try different approaches to fix the brand name issue.

Among these methods are:

  • 1. Using Bulk Upload Sheet
  • 2. Performing Full update and partial update
  • 3. Deleting and relisting product

implementing best practices to Achieve the goal

The eCommScience team, make sure that all the products are relisted and optimized correctly by using the useful strategies. It includes deleting the duplicate products, relist the product with the accurate and detailed information. In some cases eCommScience team, has to work manually as bulk uploads did not work.

Achieved the Goal

This was the first time that Allied Medal Hangers has ever collaborated with an
independent marketing firm. Although the company has been selling on eBay for quite some time now, it has only recently entered Amazon.

The listings of Allied Medal Hangers on Amazon were scattered and disorganized. This issue resulted in minimal traffic, accounting for less than 10% of their revenue on eBay. Since Amazon is a much bigger marketplace with more opportunities for expansion, eCommScience had to take over the rebuilding and management of the entire account.

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