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amazon customer support services

Our Ecommerce Support Services

At eCommScience, we are team of highly experienced Amazon Seller account managers and also have customer support expertise. We have a proven track record of helping clients answer ecommerce queries from their customers. Our tailormade customer support solutions have helped and continue to help ecommerce marketplace sellers offer quick and meaningful customer support. You can pick from various engagement models including a shared model and a dedicated model

Inbound Messaging Calls Management

We will help you handle customer emails messages calls for your ecommerce account 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Quick Response

Our ecommerce customer service focuses on responding to customer queries within 24 hours.

Reputation Management

Product review and seller feedback are critical components of customer support and we manage both

Ecommerce Helpdesk Services in Your Time Zone

A customer support team with expertise in native English will work in your time zone and deliver exceptional customer support

Tailormade eCommerce Amazon Helpdesk Services

We believe every ecommerce seller has unique customer support requirements and therefore offer custom-built services for seller specific workflows

Ecommerce Support Experts

Irrespective of the customer support services needed whether for Walmart, eBay, Amazon or more, our well-trained support specialists can handle all kinds of customer support projects.

amazon helpdesk services

Benefits of Outsourcing Ecommerce Customer Support to eCommScience

  • Bring down overheads by getting cost advantage of outsourcing
  • Free up internal resources who can focus in strategic revenue generation activities
  • Advantage of working with an immensely experienced ecommerce helpdesk team
  • Scale your customer support service up or down as per business growth and needs
  • Hassle-free management irrespective of amount of call load
  • Comprehensive reporting that delivers key customer insights

The ecommerce customer service support team understands that all clients have different needs and we therefore customize all our services including multichannel email support and more as per a client’s unique customer support needs. We put our knowledge of systems like ecommerce CRM, order processing and management and others to good use to deliver custom customer support services to our clients.

eCommScience’s Ecommerce Customer Support Strengths

Our People

Our eCommerce customer support services are experts but you can train them as per your requirements and to meet demanding standards of customer support.

Our Platforms

Our customer service staff is skilled in using multiple advanced communication platforms like telephony, email, social media and more to deliver cross platform customer support.

Our Systems

We have proven expertise of implementing brand new management systems into your workflow or use already integrated order management systems, ecommerce systems and more

Our Processes

Our expertise includes processing product returns, damaged goods and taking care of all manner of customer complaints to deliver comprehensive customer support.

Our Reports

eCommScience’s reporting ensures thorough reporting that provides deep insights into your customer and their preferences allowing you to improve your business

Ecommerce Customer Service Solution – Inbound and Outbound

We cater to the needs of brands and enterprises from across the globe and have notched up numerous customer services wins. We have worked with growing and successful ecommerce businesses to empower them with custom ecommerce customer support services.

At eCommScience, we recognize the importance of a customer as the single most critical element that drives business success and make every effort to win them over for your business success


What will our customer support advisors help you with?

  • Provide in-depth information about your products and/or services , Use multi-channels to communicate effectively with customers
  • Deliver actionable product information that can drive positive purchase outcomes
  • Implement a highly secure and well-managed payment system that will help generate more revenue
  • Improve the product delivery experience by providing customers with in-depth logistics and detailed tracking information
  • Provide customers with all the help they need with respect to product information, product delivery, product warranty
  • Drive customer loyalty by making improvement in marketplace seller feedback scores and any other scores that will increase customer trust in your brand and its products



How do I get a quote for the kind of customer support I want?

All you need to do is get in touch with us, share your requirements and we will come back with a quote after doing a thorough evaluation and analysis of your customer support needs.

What are your business engagement models?

We have two primary engagement models that are shared and dedicated customer support. The former is ecommerce support shared between two clients, while the latter means a dedicated customer support staff that only works on your ecommerce account.

Do you provide customer support on weekends and public holidays?

We believe that there are no holidays when it comes to customer support. We service your customers 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which includes all holidays. We follow a roster system for holidays which allows our customer support team to also have some time away from work, but there is always a team working on your project.

How long do customers need to wait for a reply from the ecommerce helpdesk?

Our focus on offering quick services ensures that the maximum time customers need to wait for their queries to be answered is 24 hours.

Will I need to provide you with Seller Central account access?

eCommScience believes in offering comprehensive services and therefore if we are working with providing customer support for your Amazon presence, we will need access to Seller Central account. This is because there is certain information that we need to source from Seller Central. This will allow us to service your customers better.

Do you promise hassle-free communication?

Yes, we believe in maintaining transparent and seamless communication between us and the clients.  You can stay in touch with us in multiple ways including Zoom, phone, email, Skype and more.

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