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Leverage the Benefits of a Comprehensive Amazon Product Launch


As an Amazon seller, you will be competing with numerous other sellers that might be targeting the same customers you are targeting. This means there are more chances of failure than success. There are horror stories of sellers who were so confident of success that they did not bother to invest in a strategic Amazon launch strategy

The result was they failed and lost a lot of money. If you do not want to lose your hard-earned money when you are selling on Amazon, it is time to invest in an Amazon FBA product launch strategy.

At eCommScience, we are experts in Amazon product launch services. Our focus is on implementing only those strategies that align with the A9 algorithm and which will help your products rank better than that of your competitors’ products. Our experts keep themselves updated on the latest product launch methodologies to offer best-in-class Amazon product launch services.

We focus on ensuring that the strategies we employ are tailor-made to address your category, target audience, and product feature requirements.

Amazon Sponsored Product Services

Our Amazon FBA product launch strategy includes Amazon PPC services that focuses on creating ad copy with relevant keywords that help you maximize sales figures. We also optimize product listing with relevant keywords to help you optimize ROI of your PPC ads. We make sure that the PPC goals are accomplished within your budget, and deliver high returns.

Amazon Copywriting Services

Your Amazon presence cannot survive without effective copywriting that helps send the right message to your target shoppers. Our expert Amazon copywriters will write stunning product descriptions that help potential customers turn into actual shoppers. Our writers identify product USP and highlight this in product description to ensure your products are the first choice of your customers.

Amazon New Product Launch

This is one of the most critical elements of your Amazon marketing effort. This can make or break your Amazon presence and ensures that your products are highly regarded by your target customers and have tremendous recall value. We use only the latest product launch strategy to help your product listing rank on SERPs and use a variety of branding activities to improve product visibility.

Amazon Branding Strategy

Your brand must be seen as extremely trustworthy and an expert and experienced in its niche to guarantee excellent visibility. It is competing with other brands on Amazon marketplace and we ensure that it is your brand that stands out from the competition. Our Amazon launch services includes Amazon branding creation and strengthening and uses Amazon’s branding tools to create an ideal and extremely strong presence on Amazon.

External Traffic Optimization

Our Amazon product launch strategy also thinks beyond Amazon, wherein we try to build an identity for your outside of Amazon. In the event that your account gets suspended from Amazon or in case of some unplanned emergency, if you are unable to sustain your presence on Amazon, your external sales channels can come to your rescue. This ensures you are not completely dependent on your Amazon sales figures.

Amazon Product Photography

We work with your product photographers or connect you with photographers from our network and ensure that the product photographs seamlessly blend with the product messaging. The emphasis of our Amazon product launch strategy experts is on telling a compelling story with the use of great content and striking product photography that highlight the product USP. This helps differentiate your products from their competitors

4 Pillars of A Successful Amazon Product Launch Strategy


Driving Traffic to Product ListingThe number of visitors you are able to attract to your product listings has a direct impact on your sales figures. The more your products’ discoverability, the better its sales. This is why the primary focus of our Amazon product launch experts is on attracting internal and external visitors to your products listings.

Internal visitors refer to people who are already shopping on Amazon, and we drive this traffic to your site by making good use of Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns to bring targeted traffic to product listings. Our core focus is on using a mix of external and Amazon’s marketing tools to bring as many potential customers to your product listings as possible


Fueling Customer Reviews – One of the biggest sales drivers on Amazon is customer reviews. The number of visitors converting into customers is dependent on the number of product reviews you are able to get, and specifically the number of positive reviews. Our Amazon new product launch strategy experts will use diverse online and offline tactics to generate reviews and that too organically. Reviews are a critical ranking factor on Amazon, and we use a potent mix of activities to drive up reviews including early reviewer programs, follow-up emails and whole lot more.


Leveraging Sales Velocity – Our Amazon FBA product launch strategy also focuses on using advanced tools to improve ranking by using innovative techniques such as product giveaways. The idea is to establish a high and sustainable sales velocity to rank better on Amazon. The only way to attain high sales velocity and ensure it doesn’t go down is to make sure that your product has far better visibility than its competitors.


Optimizing Product Listing – This is a critical phase in Amazon product launch as you want more and more people to come to your product listing. We help rank it better on Amazon SERPs by optimizing the information that is a part of the listing to ensure that it meets all the requirements of Amazon’s A9 algorithm. We do this by optimizing A+ content, product description product titles, FAQs section and every other element that is a part of Amazon’s product listing page.

Want to Achieve Amazon Product Launch Success?

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