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amazon enhanced brand content

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Amazon EBC Services Or Amazon A+ Content services?

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

As a seller who wants to make a mark in the Amazon marketplace, you must understand there are various ways and means offered by the retail giant that will help your brand shout the loudest. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and Amazon A+ Content were two different content methods offered by Amazon that allowed sellers to amplify product messaging with extraordinary and engaging product content. Today, Amazon has blended both EBC and A+ content into a single feature called ‘A+ Content’, and made it even more powerful.

“We at eCommScience are Amazon A+ experts that help sellers maximize the potential of A+ content. Our experts optimally leverage the power of product description of branded ASINs to ensure these products are marketed in a manner that is different and notable. With eCommScience’s Amazon A+ content services Brand Registered Sellers can ensure their product descriptions are not boring, but are made exciting with the use of beautiful product images and high-quality actionable text that fuels positive buying decisions.”

Our enhanced brand content Amazon UK services are not just about beautifying your product description. Our Amazon enhanced brand content EBC and Amazon A+ content focuses on driving conversions on your products pages and thus improving sales figures. With our Amazon enhanced brand content service, you get measurable results in the form of improved traffic, optimum conversions and increase in sales figures. This means your business experiences high ROI if it uses our enhanced brand content expertise.

It really doesn’t matter if your products are facing intense competition, our Amazon seller enhanced brand content will not only ensure you are able to survive in an immensely competitive niche, but also thrive in this niche.

We use a potent mix of creative sales copy Amazon Copywriting and arresting imagery to make a mark on your customers. The objective is to generate more interest in your products by making your products listing attractive with the help Amazon A+ content.

Get Started with Our Amazon EBC Services

Enhanced brand content

Product Evaluation

We analyze the products in your account to select the perfect modular templates for your EBC content Amazon needs

Amazon EBC

High-Resolution Photo Editing

We convert boring product images into visually stunning pieces of art to make your products even more attractive and appealing

Amazon A+ listing

EBC Enhanced Brand Content

We create an interesting and gripping brand story that is woven through striking product imagery to drive conversions

ebc content amazon

Publish On Amazon

Our Amazon EBC experts craft content in such a way that it is not rejected on submission, thus delivering high ROI

How Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Service Works?

EBC order submission

Fill up the order form with all your details, which we will analyze and evaluate comprehensively. This will allow us to work out the right quote for your Amazon EBC content

Pick Right Template

Once you give us the go ahead, we will pick the perfect Amazon A+ page content that will allow us to narrate a scintillating brand and product story

Product USP

Our Amazon EBC design experts will get in touch to discuss the key features of your products that need to be highlighted in the EBC

Design and Content Draft and Suggest Revisions If Any

The A+ Amazon content and Amazon enhanced brand content design experts will create spectacular graphics and effectual content that tells a convincing product and brand story

You now have the opportunity to give constructive feedback to the Amazon enhanced content team to ensure the content perfectly meets your needs, requirements, and expectations.

Going Live with EBC in Your Amazon Account

Once all required changes are made, and you sign off on the final copy, the EBC goes live on the enhanced brand content detail pages in your account

amazon ebc content


Key Benefits of our Amazon Enhanced Content Services


Extremely engaging product content that offers a winning view of the product in its entirety and leaves no room for doubt as to why it needs to be chosen over other similar products


The combination of great keyword-centric content and attractive and optimized images helps attract targeted traffic to your listing


Persuasive Amazon business enhanced content ensures potential buyers spend more time on the listing, which boosts SEO rankings as per Amazon’s ranking algorithm


The listing is able to convert more customers as it gives all product details that enables a potential customer to trust your products

Comprehensive description ensures that customers know everything there is to know about your product and there are no false expectations; this means there are fewer product returns and minimal negative reviews

The products listings are memorable therefore ensure brand recall, which fosters repeat and sustainable business

Amazon A+ Expert

Work with Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Experts

We have built a successful track record of working on a range of Amazon enhanced content requirements. Our Amazon A+ experts have created content that has resulted in improving vendor profitability and making sure this profitability is sustainable over a long period of time. So why work with just anybody for your Enhanced Brand Content and A+ content requirements – Work with eCommScience. Contact us NOW!

Content Creation & Briefing

  • We ensure that the content is of really very high quality and meets all Amazon content guidelines because a real human being will go through the content and it is thoroughly checked for grammar and sentence errors.


  • Our A+ Amazon content experts are highly skilled in content creation for Amazon.
amazon ebc services
Amazon A+ Content

Image Optimization & Editing

  • Our Amazon enhanced brand content service ensures that our experts are well-aware of all the latest rules and regulations that govern the use of images.
  • We make sure that we meet all the rules that are on Seller Central, to confirm that our A+ content is not rejected by Amazon.

Design & Implementation

  • EcommScience leverages the potential of Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for clients to deliver visually rich content in the product description to tell an impactful and stunning brand story. Our focus is on enhancing your product description to improve conversions. We only deliver measurable results with our Amazon EBC services..
Amazon EBC Experts


What does Amazon SEO stand for?

Amazon SEO is the process of Amazon product listing optimization that ensures your products rank on page 1 and there is an increase in conversions and product sales. It is driven by the use of relevant and high-volume search terms in content on your Amazon products pages.

Why do I need Amazon Product Listing Optimization?

Your products are competing with similar products being sold by other vendors. With our Amazon product listing optimization services, you will ensure that your products appear at the top of Amazon Marketplace’s search results when a customer searches for the kind of products and services sold by you.

What is the SEO listing process on Amazon?

Amazon SEO optimization process focuses on optimizing all product content that you can publish on the product pages. Our Amazon listing specialists will undertake keyword research to identify all the search terms relevant to a particular product. Our Amazon product listing copywriter will then ensure that these keywords are strategically placed in product content.

How can I improve my Amazon keywords?

Our Amazon product listing optimization experts focus on putting as many keywords as possible in the backend keywords field, this includes longtail and generic keywords. Other keywords are placed within the product description, title, and bullet points. The product listing optimization experts at eCommScience ensure that all optimizable components on your Amazon product pages are optimized.

What are backend keywords in Amazon?

Amazon backend keywords are essentially hidden search terms that should be added to backend search fields in Amazon Seller Central. This ensures the product is more discoverable. When a user visits the product listing page, these keywords remain hidden, but these keywords are important from the ranking perspective and our product listing optimization experts maximize the use of backend keywords to boost product listing visibility.

How do I optimize my Amazon PPC?

Our Amazon SEO optimization expertise also includes Amazon PPC (also known as Sponsored Products). The PPC experts at eCommScience ensure that your campaign has structural consistency, and optimize your listing in such a way that Amazon PPC ads will be shown for all relevant search queries. The focus is on using a mix of broad, phrase and exact keywords for your sponsored products. Also, our experts make good use of negative keywords to ensure your PPC ad will not show up for these negative keywords. So, what you are getting is only good publicity and not negative publicity.

Our Amazon EBC Examples

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress




EBC design with content
Image Optimization and Editing
Creative Content Creaton
Layout , Designing and Implementation

Client Needs

Amazon Product ASIN or

Competitor Products ASINs



Delivery Time

4 Working Days

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