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Amazon PPC Advertising Services

Our Amazon PPC experts deliver well-researched, well-written, and keyword-optimized Amazon PPC campaigns backed by intensive data analysis. The focus is on helping achieve sales growth and bringing down your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

Establishing a strong presence on Amazon that exhibits growing and sustainable sales figures is an extremely challenging task. You need to battle against the tremendous competition on Amazon marketplace and you must use all the weapons at your disposal to score against this competition. One such marketing weapon is – Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns. These help your products get discovered by your audience and ensure that targeted traffic makes its way to product listing pages.

Ensuring these campaigns deliver high ROI is extremely challenging and time-consuming. As a seller, you are short of time as is, busy with order fulfillment, ensuring that you build a strong identity on Amazon and making sure customer queries are answered satisfactorily etc. But this doesn’t mean you can ignore the value that PPC brings to the table. This is where eCommScience comes in to help you maximize the potential of Amazon PPC. We, create, run and monitor best-in-class Amazon Sponsored ad campaigns with a pricing strategy that perfectly fits your budgetary considerations.

Leverage Amazon PPC Services to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Listings

Irrespective of whether you are just beginning your Amazon journey or want expert help to manage your Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns, eCommScience’s Amazon PPC management experts will help you reap rich dividends from your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Our Amazon PPC experts evaluate the most relevant keywords used by your target customers and create a campaign with only those keywords with high search volume

Effective Campaign Management

We understand your campaign objectives, the measurable results you want to achieve, and your campaign budget. We then setup an effective Amazon PPC campaign for your needs.

Sponsored Ads Optimization and Assessment

Our Amazon PPC optimization services experts keep optimizing your campaigns, working out and implementing effective ways to bring down your ACoS to ensure you achieve high ROI. At the same time, we continuously assess the success of each product listing to ensure that all ASINs perform strongly.

In-depth Reporting and Support

It is imperative to know what is going wrong and right with your PPC campaigns and analyse this data to get meaningful insights into PPC campaign performance. As a reputed Amazon advertising agency, we monitor results month-on-month and keep refining campaigns if and when needed.

Our Amazon PPC services focus on Amazon’s advertising.

Sponsored Brands

Our extensive Amazon marketing services include the development and deployment of Sponsored Brands. In this type of advertising, a single ad is used to promote three products you are selling. These will be shown to your target audience when they are searching for the products on Amazon, using the keywords that your Sponsored Brand Ads is targeting. The advantage of Sponsored Brand advertising is that these ads convert 3x more than Google Shopping Ads.

Sponsored Product Ads

Our Amazon PPC experts will help create, manage and monitor Sponsored Product Ads wherein each ad focuses on promoting a single product. These ads are shown to shoppers on Amazon, when they are searching for products with the keywords you are targeting through Sponsored Product Ads. These advertisements have an enviable sales-per-click ratio and we ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Product Display Ads

Our Amazon Sponsored Product Ads expertise also includes Product Display Ads wherein each ad promotes one product only. These ads are shown to target shoppers when they are browsing Amazon and taking a look at merchandising emails from Amazon, or going through the product listings that are similar to yours.

Our Amazon PPC Management Process

Amazon PPC Advertising Services

PPC Campaign Setup and SWOT

The first step is to create, test and deploy Amazon Advertising campaigns if you don’t have a campaign that is live. In case, you are already using Amazon Advertising, our Amazon advertising PPC experts will evaluate your campaigns to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

amazon ppc agency

Drill Down Keyword Research

We conduct extensive research into the kind of keywords that will deliver maximum value, and we also identify keywords based on competitor research. We bid on only the most relevant keywords that will deliver the maximum benefit and which fall within your budget.

amazon ppc expert

Building Brand New Campaigns

Our focus is now on planning a campaign around your sales targets and products. We understand your objectives and craft a campaign that aligns perfectly with your objectives. We weave in the keywords with compelling ad copy to ensure the campaign delivers the returns you are looking for.

amazon advertising Agency

Campaign Monitoring and Reporting

We create weekly and monthly reports to ensure you are up to speed with campaign performance and aware of the conversion metrics. This transparency ensures you are kept in the loop at all times with respect to the performance of Amazon sponsored ads vis-à-vis KPIs.

Seamless and Transparent Communication

With eCommScience’s Amazon marketing services, you will get access to an AMS Amazon marketing expert who is your single point of contact and will deal dedicatedly with you to understand your Amazon PPC goals.

Why our Amazon PPC experts are the best in business:

  • They are accredited by Amazon
  • Have many years of experience in managing challenging PPC campaigns
  • Have worked on a variety of Amazon Marketing ad campaigns for sellers selling diverse products.
  • Subscribe to continuous learning and development to ensure they are aware of the latest PPC tactics

Fully dedicated and committed to achieving PPC excellence.

Our PPC expert manager will ensure that you are updated about campaign planning and performance every week, and will discuss the way forward every month. They are always just a call away if you want to suggest improvements to the campaign or give you feedback.

Highlights of Our Services

– What separates us from other Amazon advertising agencies in the market is our single point focus on improving the revenue generation abilities of your Amazon account.
  • We use advanced marketing, channel management and reporting tools to collect all relevant data and use this to make informed PPC decisions.
  • – Our world-class PPC services are backed by the collective experience of our Amazon PPC experts who have many years of experience in creating comprehensive Amazon PPC campaigns for clients belonging to diverse business domains
  • – Our Amazon PPC agency doesn’t believe in cookie cutter PPC solutions but customizes PPC strategies keeping the client’s company, product and goals in mind.


Why Should I Run an Amazon PPC campaign?

A PPC campaign is an online marketing activity that attracts relevant traffic to your listing, which improves chances of conversions. Coupled with other optimization activities, Amazon PPC campaigns help your listing rank better on Amazon search.

2. Am I eligible to run an Amazon PPC campaign?

All registered sellers can make use of the Sponsored Product (Amazon PPC), and it is seen that if you want to drive customer traffic quickly to your listing, then PPC is a better option than SEO. Also, it is very well suited to large sellers who have a good amount of product inventory.

3. Where can my potential customers see my Amazon Sponsored Products?

These ads are displayed around the search result (above, below, adjacent to) and can also be seen on product listing pages.

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