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Amazon FBA Seller Account Audit Services | Amazon Seller Central Audit

Amazon Seller Account Audit Services

Analysis and Evaluation

Our Amazon seller audit experts go through your existing account with a fine tooth comb and compare the performance of your listings with that of your competitors

Listing Strategy

We develop a comprehensive strategy to improve and enhance your product listings so that they are not only ranked higher but also convert more than your competitors


Amazon Seller Central experts at eCommScience will apply listing optimization techniques and develop Amazon Sponsored product campaigns to improve the performance of your Amazon presence

Campaign Monitoring

Our Amazon account Management audit process will keep an eagle eye on your Amazon account and make adjustments to the campaign, as and when necessary. The focus will always be on beating your competition.

Not Achieving the Results You Expect from Your Presence on Amazon?

Not all vendors achieve desired results on Amazon. While there can be many reasons for this, EcommScience believes that one of the key reasons that impact vendor performance is their inability to improve product visibility and discoverability.
Our Amazon Seller Central consulting services focus on helping vendors get the best out of their Amazon account. Our experience ensures we understand the problems they are facing with their Amazon account, and their inability to ensure their products rank on Amazon search engine page results, and their difficulty in attracting targeted traffic to their Amazon products pages. Our Amazon experts conduct a thorough audit of a vendor’s performance and identify the mistakes being made and areas for improvement.

amazon account audit services

How our Amazon Consultants can Help?

We conduct a thorough Amazon account audit by going through your Amazon annul report and tell you where you have gone wrong and the various tactics that have actually gone on to work for you. You can build a strong presence on Amazon only if you are able to adopt a strategic approach towards improving product listing and campaigns.

By analyzing your accounts on Vendor Central, Seller Central and Amazon Advertising our Amazon Seller Audit performs a SWOT analysis. This gives us a very clear idea of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This Amazon seller audit is of critical importance if you want to make your presence felt on Amazon marketplace. It benchmarks your vendor performance against that of your competitors to give you a very clear idea of how you can sell more products as compared to your competitors.

Our Amazon Seller Account Audit Service

Complete Drill Down Assessment

While taking a look at the information available on various accounts, we map your product performance and look at its trendline over a particular period of time. We also go through your listing optimization to understand more about the keywords you are using currently and whether they are working for you or not. We also evaluate overall health of your account and whether you are meeting all the guidelines put in place by Amazon. We categorize ASINS that are performing and separate them from ASINS that are performing badly, which allows us to focus our attention on products that are not doing well. Our Amazon account analysis process also includes taking a good hard look at various parameters like sales conversion ratio, campaign performance, buy box percentage, inventory management, and portfolio management.

Our comprehensive examination also takes a closer look at the backend keywords used and whether you have been making use of all optimization opportunities on the product listing page.

Amazon Seller Account Audit Service
amazon account analysis

Identifying Problem Areas

The Amazon account audit process is mainly about classifying the underlying weaknesses of your accounts. These weaknesses are an opportunity to strengthen your account and improve its performance. Once we identify the bad ASINS, we understand why they are performing poorly. Our Amazon seller consultants will go through their product descriptions, keywords, A+ content and more to understand the problem areas. We take a holistic yet detailed approach to detecting the mistakes you are making. This could be mistakes in your Sponsored Products campaigns, improper Amazon SEO, bad photography or something else. We use all the experience at our disposal to perform intensive Amazon Seller audit to chart out a performance improvement strategy.

Finding Solutions

With the help of our Amazon experts and their extensive audit, you will know your problem areas, and why, where and how your performance was lacking. All the information we have collected as a part of the Amazon Seller Central consulting process will now be used to work out time bound solutions to address the challenges you are facing and the limitations of your current Amazon activities. The focus of our solutions is to increase conversions, stimulate the sales funnel and improve the overall profitability of your Amazon account.

amazon seller central expert

Our Key Focus Areas

Our Amazon account audit services give primary importance to the following aspects of your account:

  • The health of your account judged through its earnings and competitive analysis
  • Performance notifications that inform seller of negative changes in their baseline performance of their product listing
  • Customer feedback, the good and the bad, especially all the negative reviews
  • Account suspensions if any
  • Keyword reports and quality of product content
  • Listing suppression
  • Photography and advertising evaluation

Why eCommScience for Amazon Account Audit?

Our Amazon consultants have just one clear goal – conduct a comprehensive Amazon account audit to identify why your account’s performance on Amazon is not as good as you hoped it would be. We identify the reasons for decline in sales. Our core objective is to ensure that the wrong steps you have taken are given the right direction and your business sales grow, without any hassles.

The Amazon seller consultants at eCommScience have many years of experience between them and have helped clients dramatically improve the sales of their products by making value added interventions. We work with complete transparency and make no false promises. This allows you to set grounded expectations, but we assure you that we have a reputation for surpassing client expectations every single time

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us NOW to leverage the potential of our Amazon Seller Account Audit Service

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