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Case Study.

How Subcold gone up Amazon’s product ranking with the help of eCommSceince effective  Seller Effective Account Management.

$12K TO $14K IN

Subcold company runs by only one person and the owner is Daniel. Apart from this, Daniel also runs other business as well. Subcold needed help in managing their entire Amazon account and to grow their business. They also wanted help in managing customer’s query and their complaints and reconciliation of the Amazon charges.

Daniel has been running Subcold since 2014 but he collaborated with eCommSceince in April 2020.

From April to May 2020, below are the services which eCommSceince provided to Woken for its 20 ASINs:

After finishing the above services, Subcold wanted us to help in PPC advertising management and EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) to further shoot up the growth of the business.

Overcoming Challenges

After a moth of completing the task, we could see the result. Obviously it was not an easy task but our team did it. Subcold sources the product from China and due to the pandemic they have no control over the shipment and they were facing the issue in managing their inventory level. The delivery on the creative side also took its time due to the unanticipated volume of needed correction.

eCommSceince kept aside all the barriers and understand that there is no point in waiting and decided to categorize the other issues while waiting for the output of other external service providers.

With the support of Subcold, eCommSceince could accomplish the below task:

  1. Maintaining the Amazon account’s health by quickly responding to customer’s queries, complaints, and negative reviews.
  2. Reconciliation of missing revenue issue.
  3. Creating A+ Content and PPC for Business growth and for increasing sales conversion.

Strategies to achieve the expected Goal

eCommSceince worked closely with Daniel to get the necessary and required product information. We did this as we wanted to make sure that whatever information we put or display, should be accurate. eCommSceince always made sure to update the client about the work progress. The client also provided his inputs in improvising the sales and brand awareness.

eCommSceince followed the below process on a daily basis to maintain the health of the Amazon seller account:

eCommSceince made sure to update the client about the work progress with the help of Constant consultations and progress reports.

Visible Results

eCommSceince started services from 2nd April but listing optimization and Enhanced Brand Content was created in the month of May.

From April to May, total sales got increased by 18% to 20%. ASIN ranking also went up.


We did the keyword research on one product and after that number of Sessions increased by 110% as compare to the previous month. Along with that page views also got increased by 200% as compare to the previous month. Listing optimization and PPC advertisement played the major role in achieving the goal.

eCommSceince made sure to respond to the customers complaint proactively and monitor the listing. This helped in increasing the Buy Box percentages. Subcold Buy Box percentage got increased in one month.

The eCommScience Difference

With the help of effective and efficient strategies, eCommSceince was able to achieve the goal of increasing the sales.

While all the bustling is happening, eCommScience does not forget to keep the client updated on progress in terms of timelines and deliverables. eCommScience believes that transparency & communication is the key to a successful business partnership.

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