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Case Study.

How MantraRaj achieved the goal of higher sales with the help of eCommSceince Strategic Marketing Campaign.

When Poonam, account manager at eCommScience, met with Nilesh, Director at MantraRaj, they discussed the best and effective ways to increase the sales on the most Leading online marketplace, which is Amazon. eCommScience officially started handling overall accounts of MantraRaj since Aug 2019. The services includes are: 

MantraRaj has been selling on eBay and Onbuy online marketing website since a while now and recently they started selling on Amazon. For the first time ever, MantraRaj united with a Marketing firm. MantraRaj Brand has 100+ ASIN on Amazon, has been selling in the UK marketplace since 5 years. Since Aug 2019, eCommSceince team has started managing their overall account.

Taking the Challenge with a Winning Focus

MantraRaj was finding it very difficult to increase the sales as many competitors are already present and selling on Amazon. While discussion with the eCommSceince team, they mentioned what all issues they come across. The main intension was to figure out the best ways and opportunities to boost the sales

eCommSceince started tackling the project with advertisement. It includes:

  • Increase sales through Amazon Marketing Service Campaigns
  • Maintaining an ACOS of 25% or lower
  • Growing topline sales

                    Overall Account Target

  1. Create a combine brand image across all products
  2. Update all listings images and copies
  3. Create and add A+ content
  4. Create and Add brand store
  5. Launch new products

Winning with the Right Moves

First thing eCommSceince focused, which is cleaning up the Amazon catalog of MantraRaj and utilize the opportunities to promote and increase the product ranking. The eCommSceince team started working after getting all the required information from MantraRaj.

First we created the Brand store on Amazon. After that we started renovating their product listing and optimization with the help of keyword research. 

Then, we move on further explaining the detailed benefits of their products by creating effective A+ content. It includes the lifestyle images. Our copywriting and graphic design team worked together and created the prefect product listing which is sufficient enough to explain the product and its features in a better way.

We followed the below strategies to advertise the MantraRaj products:
  • Market analysis to identify immediate areas for growth and implement them.
  • Performed in-depth keyword research to find the best long tail keywords relevancy.
  • Instigate brand specific keyword campaigns
  • Created promotional strategy to increase sales and conversion rates
  • Construct effective and low cost advertising campaigns to increase product sales

We sent all the details to our product manager and head to review it once it completed.

This step is necessary for ensuring that every detail of the copy and images comply with Amazon’s policies and of course, the high eCommScience standards of quality.

Winning Result

eCommSceince and MantraRaj’s internal team’s efforts did the magic. As expected, sales and product ranking got increased.

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