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Case Study.

How Janis Ramone conquer the barriers for growth in Amazon sales.

Anis Rehman, the owner of the Janis Ramone, used to manage his seller account by himself before he met Yuvraj, the account manager of eCommSceince. He decided to collaborate with eCommSceince to manage his Amazon Account as he was already handling so many tasks.

Janis Ramone officially joined the hand with eCommSceince on Nov 2020. To grow his online Amazon Business, he agreed to take below services:

Recognizing Roadblocks

eCommSceince Started finding out the roadblocks which are hampering the business such as:

  • Presence of so many competitors made it difficult to attract the buyers and to convince them to buy Janis Ramone brand cloths.
  • Product listings were not optimized correctly.
  • Maintaining the inventory level was difficult due to the delay in shipment.

Conquering the Roadblocks

After doing the complete audit and research of the accounts, eCommScience was able to find out the issues and came up with the effective strategies.

Missing Inventory

Resolve UPC Issues

Defeat the Competition

With the help of effective communication, Proper documentation and inventory reconciliation, we created the case with Amazon and asked them to reimburse the cost. Before collaboration with eCommSceince, Client raised the case to Amazon but did not get the proper response and was unsuccessful in resolving the issue. To find out the discrepancies, we reconciled all the previous inventories one by one and created the multiple cases with Amazon with the proof.

Amazon was not recognizing the UPC’s owned by Janis Ramone. We required to prove the Amazon that the UPC’s belongs to the Janis Ramone so that we should be able to create a new listings by using the UPC’s. We managed to convince the Amazon that Janis Ramone owns the UPC’s with the help of the relevant documents such as catalog, manufacturing documents and images which shows that UPC’s was printed on actual product.

To increase the sales and growth of the business, we registered the Brand Janis Ramone with the Brand Registry. Protected the brand from the hijackers and counterfeiters. With the help of effective strategies, eCommSceince managed to regain the Buy Box.

Goal Accomplishment

Below are the targets we achieved:

  • We managed to get the reimbursement of the missing inventory valued $3000
  • Optimized the product listings and made it live by the end of Nov 2020.
  • Registered the Brand with the Brand registry
  • Protected the brand from the hijackers and counterfeiters.

Now that eCommScience has completed the first phase, we can move on to the next challenge of growing JanisRamone sales!

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