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How to increase sales on Amazon and Boost Sales & Rankings

How to increase sales on Amazon and Boost Sales & Rankings

As we all know Amazon is one of the largest online selling platforms in the world. This platform is very important for both sellers and buyers both.

For sellers, it’s important to meet the buyer’s expectations and form a strategy to increase sales. Every seller wants to know how they increase their sales. Here are the best ways to increase sales and Amazon sales boost.


  1. Optimize Your Product Title

In order to attract customers, the title plays the most important role. Your title should be self-explanatory about what your product is and also you will be able to take advantage of high-ranking keywords.


You can create an effective title by using Brand name+ product name using high relevancy keyword + features.

increase traffic to amazon listing

Keyword Research

increase amazon sales rank

To create a seller account on Amazon is easy but to increase sales and to get success on online business is not that easy.


Amazon Keyword research is most important to boost sales. Once you find out the best keyword for your product, and then use them in your listings, Title, Bullet Point, description, backend keywords amazon to increase sales and increase traffic to Amazon listing.


As we all know buyers do not like to read long sentences. Using the Amazon algorithm and keyword research we can create the short title by using the best keywords and also we can use them in descriptions.




  1. Mobile Optimization


Boosting Sales on Amazon

Millions of people use mobile nowadays. Sellers forget to optimize mobile devices for online shopping.


When we optimize the images, description, title to look attractive on the desktop, we need to make sure it looks the same on mobile devices.

All the features of the Amazon product page will look different on mobile and tablets. Below are the points that can look different in an appearance on mobile instead of desktop.


  • Image Size
  • Amazon product search
  • Amazon product detail pages


  1. Feedback and Reviews

Amazon feedback and review

Most of the time buyers read the review and feedback before they buy the product to make sure the product is good enough in aspect of quality.


Sellers need to be very careful about their product reviews as Buyers always trust reviews.


If a Buyer bought your product and they are happy with the experience, in that case, you can ask the Buyer for a review. In case if you receive a complaint, make sure to work on it and give a resolution to the buyer which makes them happy, and ask for a review.


When it comes to a Review, communication is most important. Your communication with your buyers can turn bad reviews into a good one.


  1. Amazon Sponsored Products Advertising and Campaign

how to grow sales on amazon


Amazon is one of the most powerful eCommerce online selling platforms. Advertising on Amazon is great if you want to increase your sales on Amazon.


By creating the sponsored products ads and campaign on Amazon can increase the visibility of your product and Brand than your competitors but there is a cost for it and you will be charged per click.


Please see below how it works:

  • You need to choose the product you want to advertise and also you need to decide on each ad how much you want to spend per click. You can also connect the relevant keyword to your product.
  • After that Amazon will create the ad and it will show up on the first page of the search result.
  1. Fulfillment By Amazon


Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a good option to increase sales. Nowadays most of the seller use FBA option. Now you all must be thinking what is FBA? FBA means, you need your product inventory to Amazon.


When you receive an order, Amazon will pack your product and ship it to the customer. You need to pay for the inventory storage and also for the shipping cost but most of the time Amazon provides discounts.


By using the FBA option, you will be assuring the buyers that they will receive the item within the estimated time and you will not receive any complaints regarding the shipment delay. Make sure you send the best products for FBA.


  1. Improve Amazon SEO

You need to make sure that your product appears on the search result page when buyers search for the product as there are many sellers or competitors in the market.


In order to rank the listing, Amazon looks for the keyword in your title. Include the relevant keywords in your title and the character should be 500. Amazon also provides the keyword tool, by using this tool you can optimize your listing title and optimize your product listings.


  1. Rules and Regulations of Amazon

You need to make sure that you follow the Rules and Regulations set up by Amazon. It’s very important to obey Amazon to grow your business. If at all you do not do that, there is a risk of your account being suspended, or might be they shut down your account completely.


  1. Run Promotions to increase the sales

Promotions play an important role when it comes to increasing sales. Most sellers run the promotion on festivals or marked days of the year like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. but you should run the promotion more often during the year.


By running the promotions more often stimulate your brand awareness; you can also retain your current customer by offering some best offers. The most important part you can also get rid of your old inventory.


You need to consider the below factors when you think of increasing sales through promotion:


  • Conversion Rate
  • Continuity of your sales cycle


Keeping these factors in mind can give you an idea of what type of promotion you can run and if you can afford that.


  1. Increase Amazon Sales Rank


increase amazon product sales

Every seller wants their product to be ranked fast and display on the first search result page. You can do that by optimizing the listings, running Amazon PPC, outside marketing so that buyers can find your product.


  1. Upgrade Product photos With Amazon product Lifestyle and Infographics photography

How you can grab the shopper’s attention? The best way to do that is by upgrading the best quality of product photos. You just need to follow a few basic steps for high-quality photos:


  • While shooting makes sure you shoot with as much natural light as possible.
  • Not to use Flash.
  • Use a tripod and set up your camera on it to avoid the shakes.
  • The background should be white or light color.
  • Use multiple angles while shooting.
  • Use Amazon lifestyle and infographics while shooting the product so that buyers can relate to it with Amazon lifestyle and infographic photography.
  1. Amazon Product Video Leverage Video

Amazon Product Video


When it comes to the marketing of products, sellers try multiple channels to reach out to customers. One of the best ways to increase sales on Amazon and boost your written content is video content.


If you use video productively, it will help to attract the buyer’s attention and also can help to increase the sales. Below are the type of Video is helpful to optimize their listings:


  • Product Promotion Video: In this, you can highlight your product and its feature.
  • Production Video: You can show how your products are manufactured.
  • Customer Story Video: You can make a video on customer recommendations or a case study.
  • Brand Storytelling Video: Make a video where the Brand owner and company employees talk about the product.
  • Education Video: Such videos are very helpful where we can explain to customers how to use the product and its detailed specification.


  1. Outside Marketing of Amazon and Drive External Traffic


You can do the Amazon outside marketing to attract the attention of the buyers and bring them to your Amazon store so that they can buy your product. You can do that by Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, and also you can use influencer marketing.


  1. Priced Competitively

Amazon is the biggest online selling platform and because of that competition on Amazon is very high. You can compete with your competitors by offering the best price so that you can attract the customers but you need to make sure it should not affect your profitability.


First, you need to identify which products are worth promoting in the market and accordingly you can do the price competition. You should do the competition on such a product where you have a sufficient margin. Before doing that you should check your inventory, order fulfillment, and overhead expenses.



Final Thoughts

We have given you a few tactics to increase sales on Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you always want everything should be perfect and you should be on top.


This might seems difficult but it’s not impossible. Your hard work can make you achieve what you desire. We eCommScience are here to help you and do the hard work for you. We are a professional marketing agency. You guys can reach out to us anytime on our website www.ecommscience.com or you can email us on

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