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How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon? – eCommScience

How To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon? – eCommScience

How to remove negative feedback on Amazon

Sales on Amazon are extremely competitive. With a growing number of vendors fighting for sales on the platform, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out as a niche seller. The most important factor when developing on Amazon is maintaining good seller feedback. To be sure, you need to learn how to navigate to remove Amazon seller feedback.


You must build trust with your customers. Having a seller feedback rating is the most effective way for customers to trust you. Although some negative feedback is almost inevitable, there are some methods to use that allow you to limit negative feedback on your account.

guide to negative Amazon feedback removal

Why is it important to remove Amazon seller feedback?


Winning buy-in boxes is crucial to success on Amazon. Nearly 70 % of customers buy 80% of Amazon’s total sales. Having a weak seller opinion will significantly reduce your buy-by percentage.


Seller feedback will also considerably influence the conversion rates of your goods. Imagine two sellers selling the same product on the same product, but one seller had a better Amazon score. Which seller are you? The customer will also be more confident in buying a product with a higher score from the seller.


In addition to short sales, low-response sellers can also revoke their sales privilege through Amazon. For all of these reasons, it’s important for you as a seller to actively manage your Amazon seller feedback.


How does seller feedback work?


There are three types of reactions. Positive feedback is an affectation with four and five stars. Neutral feedback is any review with three stars. Negative feedback is any review less than three stars.


Although some feedback is considered neutral, it still hurts your account. This is because your seller rating is a percentage of the required positive feedback from the last 12 months. You should aim for at least a 95% positive feedback ratio.


Amazon states that you must have an ODR (Order Defect Rate) of less than 1% to stay in good standing. Order defective rate increases when you receive:


  • Service chargeback request (credit card dispute)
  • A-Z Guarantee Claim
  • Negative feedback (handling, communication)


Types of reviews not tolerated by Amazon policies: ineligible feedback


To understand how to remove vendor feedback, you need to know what types of feedback can be removed.


These are the following criteria in which Amazon itself removes negative feedback. If a negative review given by your buyer will fall under this circumstance, Amazon will remove it, without your prior notification.


  • Contains obscene or hate speech.
  • Reviews contain personal information including residential address, contact numbers, and contact emails.
  • Full Feedback Comment is a product review. Amazon allows sellers to write product reviews on the product page. The performance of the product has nothing to do with the performance of the seller’s transaction. For example, you can delete – “The Acme Super-Widget lacks the sharpness and speed of the Acme Ultra Widget.”


However, if the review includes a service review, you cannot remove the feedback that contains the product review.


Also, if you choose the FBA program, you can still get feedback for more reasons. As you send your products to Amazon warehouses for distribution, you are outsourcing delivery and customer service to Amazon.


In turn, this frees you from the responsibility of many complaints made by customers. If a customer gives you a negative review for a late shipment on a product with the FBA, apply to remove the feedback.

The Easiest Way to Remove Negative Amazon Seller Feedback

How to remove negative feedback from customers on Amazon? 


There are two proven ways to respond to a seller. On average, 70% of negative reviews are confused sellers who write negative reviews about products. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to the new reviews you receive.


1. Contact Amazon to remove feedback.


  • If the response is removable, log in to your Amazon account.
  • On the top menu, place your cursor on display and select feedback.
  • Filter feedback for negative reviews
  • On the right, under Actions, open the drop-down menu and select Delete Request.
  • To the right of the prompt, select View Case. It will then take you to the Feedback Request page, select Get Help.
  • Finally, write an answer to Amazon about why they should respond.

If feedback violates Amazon guidelines, request removal

Please find below the process to contacting Amazon to remove the feedback:


Go to seller central and open a new support case.


Select Account settings> orders> Customer Feedback Problems.


Make sure to put the comment on why you think that feedback needs to be removed. Make sure to provide the information in detail but keep it short.



2. Reach out to buyer directly with Amazon message 


If Amazon doesn’t remove the review, reach out to the buyer. Although the feedback is not removable from Amazon, the buyer can do this. This can be a difficult situation, so it is important to follow best practices.


What should you do?

  • Reach out to buyers immediately after purchasing a review
  • We apologize to the buyer and resolve the issue or schedule a refund if appropriate.


What shouldn’t you do?

  • Tell them to delete the answer immediately.
  • You don’t have to offer a refund or any amount to remove negative feedback. This is directly against Amazon’s policies.
  • Once the issue is resolved, you can ask them to reconsider the response.


How to contact the buyer about negative feedback?

  • Return to Feedback Manager (Display tab → Feedback)
  • Identify the negative feedback you want to resolve
  • From the drop-down menu on the right, select the Solve button
  • Select the yellow contact customer button
  • Choose a topic, compose a message and send a press


3. Leave a Response to the negative feedback on the Amazon site, if the customer doesn’t remove the feedback



Most of the time we do not receive any response from the buyer who leaves negative feedback even after taking multiple follow up. It’s pretty much clear that the buyer or Amazon is not going to remove the negative feedback.


In that case, the best you can do is to post the direct response to the buyer’s feedback on the Amazon site.


If Amazon or the buyer will not remove the negative feedback, you can reply to their feedback with an apology. Having a little negative feedback is not the end of the world. It’s best to take reasonable steps to limit the amount of negative feedback you have on your account. The last option you have is to post a public response to the negative feedback on your account.


It is best to write a brief apology. Make sure your feedback matches the customer service brand you’re promoting to your customers. You can get access to feedback templates here or create your own.


By doing this, other buyers who see the negative feedback can also see that you have tried to solve the issue from your end.


Follow the below steps to leave the response to the negative feedback:


  1. Go to your seller Feedback Manager.
  2. Select view current feedback by scrolling down.
  3. Look for the feedback you want to respond to and click on respond.
  4. Type your response and click on submit.

leave a response on Amazon’s site

While writing an Amazon Feedback Response, few things you need to keep in mind. Please find below Do’s and Don’t.

  • Do’s


While responding to the feedback, make sure your response should be professional and short. Only buyers is going to read your response so make sure you do not get into too much deep and your response should not be lengthy otherwise buyer won’t even read your response.


  • Don’t


Sometimes we know that buyer is lying and in that frustration, we respond to the feedback in a very sarcastic manner or sometimes we try to be very cute and submit a cheeky response. When buyers read such Responses, they get the impression that the seller doesn’t care about their customer’s needs and not even trying to resolve the issue. What happens with all of this, you are giving a reason to the customer to not do business with you.

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