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How to Get Product Reviews on Amazon – 7 Proven Methods in 2021

How to Get Product Reviews on Amazon – 7 Proven Methods in 2021

how to get reviews on amazon

Amazon Product Reviews are one of the most important factors when it comes to selling on Amazon.

As an Amazon seller who wants to Launch a new product and increase their ranking, their most important and favorite question is “how to get reviews on Amazon?

If you are selling your products on Amazon, you cannot miss the advantages of reviews from your potential customers. Reviews are one of the most important business strategies that you should implement to enhance your online sales.

According to recent statistics, positive reviews boost your product sales by 40%, prompting more customers to buy your products. But getting reviews is as hard as selling your products on Amazon, as the reviews directly impact the rate of conversion, product rankings, revenue, and much more.

You can say that reviews on your products will make a huge difference in your product’s sales and your business’s success. But you must be wondering how you can get reviews on Amazon? It is the most important question that you should ask for a successful online business. Here’s the answer:

How to get reviews on Amazon in 2021: Legally

There are many ways to get Amazon reviews, including official, unofficial and illegal methods. These methods can use the following propaganda,


  • Official methods: it includes reviews from buyers that are allowed by the platform.
  • Unofficial methods: Although these methods are not encouraged by Amazon, it never restricts the sellers to implements them.
  • Black-hat or illegitimate methods: These methods include paid reviews from fake buyers.

In this article, we do not recommend you to use black-hat review methods. It may be the fastest method to get good positive reviews on your products, but it will get you banned from selling your products on Amazon.

Recently, Amazon has taken a big dig at fake reviews and penalizing and banning the sellers for breaking its protocols. So, you don’t expect the platform to go light if you are dealing with unofficial and illegitimate methods of getting reviews.


Proven methods to get Amazon reviews without getting your account banned

Apart from unethical ways, there are many more ways to ask for reviews for your Amazon products in 2021. Here we share some of the best tips to get positive feedback from your Amazon customers without suspending your account.


1. Deal in outstanding products

Product is the only thing that you are getting reviews for. So, you need to sell outstanding best quality products. Even the best marketing strategies will not work if your product is boring, having low-quality, and unremarkable.

It is important to trade in products that your buyers want to review naturally. This will make it easier for you to get reviews, and you will also get organic, verified reviews without asking the buyers.

Check out your competitors’ reviews and highlight what their buyers dislike about their products. Address their issues through your products, and you will get positive feedback from customers looking for a solution.

2. Add a personalized message in Amazon product inserts

best way to get amazon reviews


A customized message from the CEO or founder of your brand will add charm and create a positive buying experience. This is will ultimately enhance your chances of getting more reviews and the easiest way to get product reviews on Amazon Marketing Services.

You can add a card with your packaging with a simple thank you message or just gratitude for buying their products. You can even highlight your brand motto and how your brand wants to serve the customers. With this message, you can ask them to leave feedback.

Besides messages, you can even include a QR code of your product, including the link to your review page. It navigates your customers directly to the review page, increasing the chances of getting positive reviews.

2. Follow up email

Email isn’t dead. It is the best marketing strategy these days. Emails are affordable, takes minimum time, and easy to automate your marketing campaigns. It is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers.

For the same reason, they are the best means to ask for reviews from your buyers. A well-written follow-up email can make a significant difference in the entire buying experience.

But the only different part is to get your buyers’ email addresses, as Amazon doesn’t give you access to the buyers’ emails. So, you need to get your customer’s email before they use amazon. Facebook and Google ads are the most important marketing strategies to get customers’ emails.


3. Follow Up on Amazon

Although Amazon didn’t provide customer’s information, it provides a buyers and seller messaging tool. You can use this tool to ask for feedback from every buyer. You can even send personalized review requests and other useful information that contribute to get positive reviews from your potential buyers.

While using this tool, remember to follow Amazon’s guidelines for buyer-seller messages. Ensure you only ask for reviews, and avoid asking for information that violates its rules, including marketing campaigns.


4. Use Amazon’s “Request a Review” Button


Why Do Reviews Matter


Amazon has provided a “Request a Review” button for every seller after the successful delivery of orders. It is the new way to reach out to buyers within Amazon’s system.

You can access this button by viewing your orders in seller central. You can send a standard email by clicking this button, asking buyers to rate your products. Although you will not send a personalized email with this, it is the best way to reach out to your potential buyers.

the easiest way to get product reviews on amazon


The benefit of this technique is that your buyers will not have to write an actual review. Instead, they need to click the stars in the email, providing one to five ratings for your products. This encourages them to quick feedback without any effort in writing.


5. Check Your Seller Feedback

How to get more reviews on Amazon


Under the seller profile, most of the customers give the product review in the seller feedback section. You can always approach such customers to provide feedback under the product detail page too.

You need to keep an eye on your seller feedback on a daily basis and in case if a customer leaves a product review under seller feedback, you can reach out to them as soon as you can.

In case if you feel that a customer left the product review in your seller feedback, you can get in touch with Amazon and ask them to remove it. Amazon will delete it immediately if they find it’s a product review under seller feedback.


6. Use Amazon Vine Program

Why Getting Amazon Reviews Are Important

Amazon offers the “Vine program” in addition to early reviewers. The Vine program helps sellers to connect with reviewers. The only Brand registered sellers and vendors are eligible to opt for the Vine program and it’s the most effective way to get reviews on a new product.

How this program works: You can select the top reviewers, it is also called vine voices. You have to offer them free products so that they can test them and give a review.

To opt for Vine Program, your Amazon product should have less than 30 reviews, and also you should have enough inventory to give it to reviewers.

Reviews left by reviewers can be good and bad. You will have to check reviews and in case if there is an issue with a product, you need to fix it first.


The Best Way to Ask for Amazon Reviews

 Nothing can provide you the bulk of reviews overnight. It will be the biggest lie if any service or tool promises you to provide them. It’s against the Amazon TOS.

 The best way to get more reviews on Amazon is to sell outstanding best quality products.

Below are the top three ways to ask the customers for review:


  • Include a product insert with a review request
  • Use the request a review button
  • Follow up with an email

By doing this all you will get more reviews than the other Amazon Seller.

Below are the tips on how to get reviews on Amazon, and why reviews are so important

How to Get More Amazon Reviews Legally

Why Do Reviews Matter and why reviews are so important?

90.0% of people are more likely to buy a product if they can read a trusted review of it

95% of people read online reviews before buying

8 out of 10 buyers are more likely to buy after reading

On Average Reviews produce a %18 increase in Sales


How to Get Amazon Reviews in 2021 – Final thoughts

If you are reading this article, by now you got to know that how important Amazon Product Reviews are. It helps you to increase your sales conversion ratio, helps you increasing the product ranking. It also makes customers click on Amazon Search.

Use attractive and high-Quality product images which will create a good impression on our customers before we ask them for product reviews, this will also increase the %40 of positive product reviews.

it will be great to use Product review tools like SageMailer, Feedback Whiz, or Jungle Scout which helps in automatically send review requests on every order.


Before you think of running the Amazon PPC, it’s very important to get good reviews on your new product.

There is no way to get your products flooded with reviews in a single day. The best way to get good reviews is to consistently sell quality products, address your buyer’s expectations, solve their issues related to products, and make your products a brand.

if you need any help, eCommScience will Help you. Check out All Amazon Marketing Services.


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