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How To Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Product Listing Pages 2021

How To Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Product Listing Pages 2021

How To Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Product Listing

Listing on Amazon has become competitive in the past few years. While people are following social distancing, they tend to buy their items online. According to some recent statistics, Amazon’s advertising business has grown to 52% post-pandemic.

Amazon runs on a simple algorithm; more traffic means more sales. Thus, you just need to think about external traffic sources, rather than depending on Amazon’s search results to derive your buyer’s attention. There are many benefits of sourcing driving external traffic to your Amazon listing.

The foremost benefit is that you can drive additional sales with off-channels. It is estimated that 40% of buyers search for their products on off-Amazon channels. You can leverage the benefits of these channels to convince them to buy your products and become your potential customers.


What are the benefits of driving external traffic to Amazon Listings?

We all know, selling on Amazon is not that easy as there are a lot of competitors selling the same product. Getting the External to Traffic to your Product Listing can help you become the best seller out of those competitors, and also it will help you expand your business.

Please find below many other reasons which are important to drive the external traffic:


1.  Helps you to be on top among your competitors

The number of sellers is increasing on Amazon day by day. That means that there are a lot of competitors out there. To get the traffic, Product optimization is important but nowadays every seller is doing that. Now the question is ‘how you will be on top among your competitors?”

Your competitors are trying all possible ways to get a high ranking on their products like Amazon sponsored ads.

You need to make your Product attractive which leaves the first impression on buyers and you remember your product and keep it in mind.

The most effective way to attract customers is via External way/Medium like blogs, social media, video, etc.

By doing this, your product gets high visibility on Amazon and it also increases the product ranking.


2. Brand Awareness

To become the top seller and to survive on Amazon, another effective way is your brand awareness which makes your product look different from other sellers. But few sellers only get this opportunity by Amazon as they want to promote their Brand first to the customers.


3. Get More Traffic and Sales

Many sellers use the internal way of their product Marketing but if you want more traffic and sales on your product then External traffic is one of the most effective ways. It helps in creating a strong image of your Brand.

Getting the Traffic from External sources helps you in increasing your ranking on Amazon SERP’s and it also helps you get more sales. This method is most efficient for new product launches.

4. Increase your own customer base

While buying the product on Amazon, buyers think that they are buying it from Amazon. They do not pay much attention on the brand or seller they are purchasing from.

In order to be successful, make sure you create such a strong brand that attracts the customer’s attention and they keep your brand in their mind.

5. Bypass the Internal Competition

It has become very difficult and challenging when it comes to selling on an eCommerce platform like Amazon due to the tough competition.

When you choose the External way of your Amazon product marketing to get the sales and traffic, you get one step ahead of your competitors. By doing it correctly, you will increase your product ranking and boost your sales.


Competition on Amazon:

Research shows that Amazon has built an impressive portfolio of 12 million products. And if you include the products of Amazon sellers, then this number will be 350 million products. It’s very easy to get unnoticed with such a massive pool of products.

Apart from your competitors, an Amazon seller can also face these competitive listings on the platform:

–          Sponsored products shown along with your Amazon listing

–          Related products listing

–          Customers who viewed this item also viewed listing

In short, your Amazon listing is competing with a massive pool of products which can easily make your products go unnoticed and divert your buyer’s attention to your competitors’ products. Thus, it is necessary for an Amazon seller to think beyond the amazon search to beat the competition and derive more traffic to its listing.



Best sources for External traffic – Send External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

It’s really hard to show your products on their own on the platform, but you can do it by advertising it on other channels. Amazon has allowed sellers to market their products to derive traffic and enhance sales.

There are many channels where you can set your products in front of your potential buyers, where they can be seen before your competitor’s products. It increases your possibilities to sell and enhance your products when it comes to sponsored products and related product listings.

Here are a few tested external sources that help you to drive more traffic and ultimately more sales of your Amazon products.


  1. Email

Emails are not dead. In fact, they are the best source to reach out to your potential customers and hit them right at their inboxes. You can craft beautiful newsletters offering them discounts and lucrative promos to buy your items from Amazon. You can build an email list by running a marketing campaign and offering them some freebies in exchange for their emails.

–          Gather emails of potential customers through Facebook groups.

–          Show some content to your audience in exchange for their email.

–          Create an engaging newsletter that convinces them to click on your products.

–          Send a follow-up email, motivating them to take an action.


  2. Facebook

There are more than 1 billion audiences on this platform. With the right marketing strategies, you can take the attention of more than 20% of the audience. The massive number of active users on Facebook has made it the number one platform for marketing your products.

Apparel, crafts, fashion, fitness, and many other industries have found their way to their targeted audience through Facebook ads. This list of benefits received to businesses through Facebook ads is endless.

You can target ads based on geographical locations, age, gender, profession, activities, and interests. The search filter can simply your target ads, making them more relevant to generate premium leads. You can divert these quality leads to your amazon product pages.


3. Google ads

Most Amazon sellers think of Facebook ads and end up their marketing campaign. But Google Ads are more powerful than Facebook Ads. The Google Ads can be classified into many forms including:

–          Google Search Ads: Ads displaying on the SERPs when the user types the keyword.

–          Display Ads: Ads that are displayed on Google accredited websites.

–          Google Shopping: Ads that are listed on the Google Shopping platform.

–          Video Ads: Ads that are displayed on YouTube.

While video ads are very expensive and take lots of time to work, you can reap the benefits of PPC, CPC, and other sort of ads on Google. Google Search Ads work on keywords. You can target keyword-based Ads and spend a minimum amount on daily basis for your PPC campaign.


4. Social media channels

Apart from Facebook, there are many social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter to run your marketing campaign. While Instagram work on the visual communication, Pinterest and Twitter help you to share more information about your products through videos, infographic, and images.

According to statistics, 70% of the social media audience are women and the average age of the users is between 30 to 40 years. Social media generally works on visuals which is the best means to derive traffic for your Amazon listings.

You can also leverage the benefits of influencers through social media channels. The followers and connections of influencers will definitely search out for your products if they introduce your brand through their profiles. Influencer marketing is the newest marketing trend with significant benefits.


5. Landing pages

Facebook Ads, social media channels, email newsletters are not the only methods of diverting external traffic to your Amazon listings. You may find another channel that fits your brands and the style of the product you sell. But one platform is universal for all sorts of products which is the landing page.

The landing page includes all necessary information on your Amazon products in an engaging manner. You can include your product images and their description in bullet points. Besides, you can also add a call to action to divert them to your listings.

This simple strategy of a landing page will not only enhance your Amazon traffic but also general organic search ranking for your listings.


Driving External Traffic to Amazon – Summary

As we all know, competition is really getting tough on Amazon day by day. To survive, many sellers opt for various options to grow their business online.

External traffics not only gives you traffic from other sources but also helps you get more sales and increase your product ranking.

Navigating your own traffic, helps you increase your customer base and it is one of the strongest methods of growing your business.

Make sure you keep an eye on the SEO of your Amazon product listings as you will put lots of your efforts to drive the traffic to your listings but if your product images, copywriting is not up to the mark or poor quality, all your efforts will be wasted.


To take your Amazon store to the next level, we eCommseince Amazon Marketing Agency will help you grow your business and sales by using our experience and good tactics.

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