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Amazon Brand Registry seller Guide

Amazon Brand Registry Complete Seller Guide And Benefits

If you own a brand that sells on Amazon, you know that protecting your brand can be a full-time job. I have talked to many brands who are reluctant to sell their products on Amazon for fear that unscrupulous sellers will tarnish their reputation.   Amazon Brand Registry provides the required and important set of tools which includes the Transparency Program and Project Zero Program. These tools help sellers to avoid such issues, which we…
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How To Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Product Listing

How To Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Product Listing Pages 2021

Listing on Amazon has become competitive in the past few years. While people are following social distancing, they tend to buy their items online. According to some recent statistics, Amazon’s advertising business has grown to 52% post-pandemic. Amazon runs on a simple algorithm; more traffic means more sales. Thus, you just need to think about external traffic sources, rather than depending on Amazon’s search results to derive your buyer’s attention. There are many benefits of…
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How to increase sales on Amazon and Boost Sales & Rankings

As we all know Amazon is one of the largest online selling platforms in the world. This platform is very important for both sellers and buyers both. For sellers, it’s important to meet the buyer’s expectations and form a strategy to increase sales. Every seller wants to know how they increase their sales. Here are the best ways to increase sales and Amazon sales boost.   Optimize Your Product Title In order to attract customers,…
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