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Best Online Casino California & Florida. Is it legal?

Best Online Casino California & Florida. Is it legal?

It is now illegal to play real money online casino games in Florida or California. That being said, there are still options available to citizens of both states for playing online table games and slots.

With none of the financial risk, social and sweepstake casinos provide all the excitement and spills you’d expect from an online operator. In addition, there are giveaways, incentives, competitions, and much more to explore, with the possibility to win actual things in certain circumstances.

a highly regarded sweepstakes casino with an excellent assortment of games
Numerous incentives and extra spins are offered.
Outstanding client support

Free coins with a special bonus
Visit Stake.us to see an amazing illustration of what may happen when you register for a social casino. You will immediately be credited with Gold Coins to your account upon registration. With the help of these free gaming tokens, you can play any of the many slots, table games, Stake Originals, and even betvisa casino a few live dealer games that are offered on the website.

Even better, entering CRYPTGAMBL at the time of registration will earn you a recurring 5% rakeback bonus. Throughout your tenure at Stake.us, you will receive a portion of your Gold Coin losses back; as you advance through the VIP levels, the amount may increase.


Are social casinos accepted in Florida and California?
Real-money wagering is covered by all of the laws in California and Florida that forbid playing at online casinos. However, you’ll soon find that there isn’t even a deposit option available on any online social or sweepstakes casino site, meaning your money is never used.

State regulations pertaining to gambling simply do not apply when there are no actual money being wagered. You can enjoy all the benefits of a casino, including the thrill of placing bets on the results of the games you play, without having to worry about losing or winning money because virtual tokens are used in place of real money.

Since social casinos only allow people to play for enjoyment, they are allowed anywhere in the US. While it’s free to play, certain states have stricter restrictions on sweepstakes casinos since they give players the opportunity to exchange Sweeps Coins for actual rewards. Stake.us, however, is entirely lawful—that is, unless you live in Washington, Kentucky, Nevada, Idaho, or New York. For those who live in Florida and California, that is wonderful news.

Use the bonus code CRYPTGAMBL to get a special bonus.


How are social casinos operated?
A social casino provides a variety of online casino games that can be played for free. Since Gold Coins are used to play every game, there are no real money deposits accessible. Naturally, these aren’t actually coins, and they’re definitely not made of gold. They don’t even exist in the real world because they are essentially constructed entirely of machine code.

It is not possible to cash in, withdraw, redeem, or transfer gold coins. Playing social casino games with them is possible even when you are unable to touch them in your hands. For example, when you register with Stake.us, you will receive an initial Gold Coin bonus that can be used to unlock a variety of slot games, as well as video roulette, blackjack, and baccarat variations.

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