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Amazon FBA Reimbursement Services

Amazon FBA Reimbursement Services for Lost Inventory

We provide the most affordable and straightforward Amazon FBA reimbursement services to get reimbursement for lost or damaged inventory by Amazon. You can get an extensive audit process to help you in getting complete reimbursement. Within a few hassle-free steps, claim all your refunds for all the mistakes made by Amazon.

Whenever Amazon breaks, misplaces, drops, or damages any of your products in any way, then according to the vast array of FBA rules, they are liable to pay you for the damage. And we are here to help you with the process by making the process easier for you.

Amazon FBA Reimbursement services
Amazon FBA refund reimbursement

Are You Eligible for Amazon FBA Reimbursement services?

With a huge inventory, millions of transactions, hundreds of humans working for packaging and delivering goods, there are chances that mistakes happen, and the frequency is a lot more than you can imagine. As a seller, you should be aware of the Amazon FBA refund reimbursement clauses for your inventory. If you are selling on Amazon through FBA, only then are you eligible to get reimbursements for Amazon’s mistakes. We are here to steer your way through the entire process of getting your refunds.

When Does Amazon Owe You Money To FBA Sellers?

Various circumstances fall under Amazon FBA refund reimbursement, and before plunging into the decision, let’s have a look at the scenarios,


When the Goods Returned by Customers are Not Returned to the Inventory

If you are giving a return option to the buyer, the product is returned to the inventory, and the buyer gets a full refund. With many transactions going, there are heavy chances that the product might not be received but marked as accepted by Amazon.


When the Inventory is Lost or Damaged by Amazon

Whenever any of your inventory is lost or damaged by Amazon, including any kind of damage in the fulfillment center, transit to the fulfillment center, transit to the customer, or the product is missing from the fulfillment center itself. In such cases, your inventory is meant to be lost or damaged by Amazon.


When the Customer Does Not Return Any Item

Due to a large number of transactions, returns, refunds, and other processes, the return process can have some loopholes sometimes. While many buyers do return their products in intact conditions, but due to some dishonest buyers, the products don’t reach the inventory, and thus, it’s a loss to the sellers.


Overcharged or Incorrect FBA fees

Charged wrongly for the products in Warehouse because of incorrect dimensions.


Inbound Shipments Missing Inventories

Inventories missing from shipment upon arrival at Amazon FC or lost in-transit by Amazon’s logistics service.


And Many More

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How Does the Amazon FBA Refund Reimbursement Work?

Our process is quite simple, and you need to face many issues in getting your reimbursement. Leave the challenging task on us, and we will work through everything to get your reimbursements. The process goes like this,

  • We acquire your FBA sales transaction details by logging in to your Amazon account.
  • Your sales log will be accessed and imported by our Refunds Manager.
  • The acquired data passes through our predefined Amazon FBA refund reimbursement process.
  • After analysis, cross-checking, sifting, and comprehensive justification of the Amazon Seller Refund claim, a case is raised to Amazon.
  • We regularly follow-up on the case and ensure that Amazon intervenes no manipulation or malpractice until you get a complete refund.

Why Choose Us?

✔ Extensive Audit with discrete checkpoints in multiple amazon processes
✔ Automated Amazon reconciliation and manual checking as well
✔ 24/7 support for all your queries
✔ Complete transparency in all the processes
✔ Support right from manual case filing till full refund is initiated
✔ Make payment once you get a complete refund
✔ Lowest 12% commission rate
✔ A comprehensive report of entitles refunds
✔ Complete step-by-step guide throughout the process

Commission After Refunds

Commission After Refunds


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