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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Guide

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Guide

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or Amazon EBC?

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or EBC is a top feature that allows Amazon brand registered sellers to showcase enhanced images and content in the product description field and create your brand value.

By doing EBC in amazon listing can boost conversion rates, traffic and also increase sales when used adequately.

With EBC, you can optimize your listing with brand value, and also by adding enhanced images and content, you can increase customer engagement.

In this Amazon Enhanced Brand content Blog guide, we will explain everything in detail like how Amazon sellers can make unique EBC, and also we will provide you an example of Amazon EBC Design so by the end you will get to know how to Optimize Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.


Below is the example of product description without EBC,

Product Description

After EBC, this is how your product description will look like,

amazon ebc example

Get the Complete Guide to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Rules and Regulations of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

The EBC features are only available to Amazon brand Registered sellers in the Amazon Brand Registry. For Amazon Brand Registry, you should have a live registered trademark of your Brand.

Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content is not allowed for below categories of products:



Digital Products


Once you create the EBC, you need to submit it to Amazon for review. Before submitting your EBC for review, kindly consider below points,

* Images should be high resolution

* You can’t copy Amazon’s logo or any other trademarked content

* You can’t link outside of Amazon

* You can’t use any guarantee word in EBC

Let’s take an example; there is a Private label brand seller who is selling a high-quality laundry basket. With Enhanced Brand content sellers showcase, the key features of products like convenient carry handle, Foldable Design, Versatile Use of laundry basket, space-saving.

This is how the seller can differentiate their Brand from competitors by showcasing brand stories through Amazon EBC.

If you do the Amazon PPC (Amazon Advertising) along with the EBC product, EBC can be an excellent way of conversion ratio. This can help you increase your ROI and reduce your PPC ACOS better than other sellers with normal product listings.

How much Amazon charges for Enhanced Brand Content?

As of now Amazon is not charging any money for Enhanced Brand Content, it’s a free of cost. But it is expected that Amazon will soon start charging for the EBC listings. This is one of the main reasons, why it is important to do EBC in your listings at the earliest.

How to create and set up Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

How to create and set up Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

After log in to Amazon seller central, go-to advertising, from Drop-down click on “Enhanced Brand Content”

Amazon will recommend the product in which you can do the EBC or else you can also search via ASIN/ Product Name. After selecting the SKU, Amazon gives you the five predefined templates and also provides you customization templates.

Predefined templates include images and text slots, standard comparison chart.

Below are the Amazon EBC Modules and Templates which provides to create EBC:

  • Company Logo (Size 600 x 180)
  • Image Header with Text
  • Multiple Image Module
  • Standard Comparison Chart
  • Standard Four Images and Text
  • Standard Four Images/Text Quadrant
  • Standard Image and Dark Text Overlay
  • Standard Image and Light Text Overlay
  • Standard single Image and Highlights
  • Standard single Image and Sidebar
  • Standard single Image and Space Details
  • Standard single Left Image
  • Standard single Right Image
  • Standard Text
  • Standard Three Image and Text
  • Standard Technical Specifications

Amazon EBC Templates

Amazon EBC Templates2

Amazon EBC Templates3

Amazon EBC Templates4

Choose the right Amazon Enhanced Brand Content template which is more suitable for you products features and specification and then upload images and Text content and submit for review. Once it gets approved, it will be live on Amazon Product Detail Page.

Enhanced brand Content or Amazon EBC is a premium feature by which sellers can increase their conversion ratio and also more popular nowadays between Amazon sellers.

How much time does Amazon take to approve EBC?

After submission of EBC, it takes 7 days for Amazon to Review it.  After that, status will be reflected on Amazon EBC home Page. If by any chance it gets rejected, they will give you the reason as well for the rejection. After knowing the reason of rejection, you can edit the SKU and make the necessary changes and again you can re-submit it.

Why Enhanced Brand content gets rejected?

Your Application gets rejected only when Amazon finds that the text and image do not follow the rule and regulations of Amazon.

Below are the rules for Enhanced Brand Content Listings:

1) You cannot mention your own company contact information in EBC.

2) You are not allowed to use other seller’s information like their product image, text etc.

3) You are not allowed to use any promotional activities like offering discounts, free shipping offer and any other promotional offers.

4) You are not allowed to use copyright products, trademark, or any registered symbols.

5) You are not allowed to display your Amazon product customer review and also any other product reviews.

6) You cannot add a newspaper column from external sources like newspapers, magazines.

7) Blurry and low-quality images can be one of the reasons for the rejection of EBC.

8) Using words like warranties or guarantees are restricted.

9) Mentioning of External link which re-directs to other sites is not allowed.

10) Misspelling and Grammatical errors can lead to a rejection of EBC.

11) Mentioning of products being used for any criminal activity are not allowed.

Guidance of Video (tips) for Amazon Enhanced Brand Content:

Amazon allows only selected seller to add video in Enhanced Brand Content. Mostly Amazon allows adding videos to 3P’s sellers and that too only for selected categories. It can be added in two places one is on Amazon detail page and the second one is on Product manufacturing description.

Guidance of Video (tips) for Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Advantages of Video in Enhanced Brand Content:

Sales conversion rate can be increased by adding video as it will be more easier to showcase the value of the product in the video, how to use it, what are the benefits of the product, technical description etc. and also we can display the do and don’ts of the product.

Evaluate the success of Enhanced Brand content:

Go to the Business reports in your Seller Central Account to check the improvement of your performance.

Evaluate the success of Enhanced Brand content


Login in to your Seller Central Account, click on Reports and then go to Business Reports. After that, you can click on Sales and Traffic. You need to select the date range (The date from which your EBC was approved) and you will be able to analyze the order item session. You can compare the performance before EBC and after EBC.

If Enhanced Brand content is done right, it can definitely help you to increase your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. All sellers are eligible to create an EBC?

A. EBC is a great feature for all sellers to increase their sales conversion ratio but it’s not for all sellers. EBC can be done only if you are a professional seller and your brand should be registered with Amazon.

If you are a vendor and have a vendor central account, then you will have a similar feature like enhanced brand content and it is called Amazon A+ content.

Q. Do I need to pay any fee/Charges?

A. As of now EBC is free and you do not need to pay anything. This is the main advantage of doing EBC now as it’s free of cost but in the future, you might need to pay for EBC as Amazon might start charging for it soon.

Right now you only need to pay for creating graphics and Amazon copyrighting so avail the advantage of EBC before amazon charges you a heavy price for the same.

Q. Is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Indexed?

A. No, it’s not. Enhanced Brand Content is not indexed by Amazon but there is a twist, it can be indexed by Google technically. When you upload the images and text, you will use the keywords during that and those keywords can be indexed by Google.


Q. Which template is best to use?

A. It totally depends on your brand and product. There are many templates and layouts are available in Amazon. You can see your competitors EBC and get the idea and accordingly you can choose the template.


Q. Am I allowed to use copyright and trademark symbols?

A. Unfortunately, you cannot. As per the Amazon EBC guidelines, Copyright and trademark symbols are restricted and even if you add it, Amazon will reject your EBC application.


Q. How much time does it take to approve my EBC application?

A. After submitting the EBC application, it takes around 7 days to get it approved if it’s done according to Amazon guidelines.

What are the benefits of Enhanced Brand Content?

1) It can reduce the return and also can help to reduce negative product review

In EBC, you can display the features of the product through Graphics and content. Through graphics, you can explain about the product like how to use, technical description etc. It will help customers to understand about the product in details and due to that there is less chances that customer will post the negative review or return the product.

2) Amazon advertising PPC ROI increase and ACOS reduce

EBC can be a great advantage for sales conversion. Good EBC listings can provide the brand value concept. It helps to increase the ROI’s and it reduces the ACOS.

3) Here EBC plays the major role as in today’s busy life; the customer doesn’t spend much time to choose the product online. They will go for the product which is more convincing and gives every detail about the item through the images and content. People don’t waste much time reading about the product, so graphics can easily explain the customer about the product in detail.

4) EBC gives your brand value. If you compare a product without EBC and with EBC, which one you will go for? Surely you will go with the product with EBC as it gives more clarification about the product.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Examples:

We will give you examples of the EBC’s. Please see below examples for better understanding,

Amazon EBC

amazon ebc consultants

Summary of Enhanced Brand Content:

EBC is overall best for sellers as well as customers. It helps sellers to increase their sales conversion ratio and it helps customers to buy the right product as per their need. It assures the customer that they are buying the right product and it reduces the chances of return of the product and also decreases the chance for customers to leave the negative feedback. EBC allows you to describe your product through Graphics, Video, and content. If you are still confused whether to do it or not, well the answer would be yes. You should go for it. By now you must be aware of the fact that it’s free of cost as of now but it can be a chargeback soon so why to waste time and pay a hefty amount in future for the same. Let’s grab the opportunity and do the Amazon EBC.

Why to choose eCommscience to create an EBC

There are Benefits of working with eCommscience.

1) We know how Amazon works. We are aware of their rules and regulations.

2) To create an EBC, you should know all the do’s and don’ts. We are familiar with all of Amazon’s restrictions and policies.

3) It can be a great advantage to work with an Amazon SEO Agency that is aware of amazon. We always guide our sellers to choose the best template which gives their brand value and also displays the features of the product in the best way.

4) Working with us can reduce the chances of EBC re-submission as we are aware of Amazon’s terms and conditions so there will be less chances for us to make any mistakes in creating EBC.


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