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Amazon Brand Registry Complete Seller Guide And Benefits

Amazon Brand Registry Complete Seller Guide And Benefits

Amazon Brand Registry seller Guide

If you own a brand that sells on Amazon, you know that protecting your brand can be a full-time job. I have talked to many brands who are reluctant to sell their products on Amazon for fear that unscrupulous sellers will tarnish their reputation.


Amazon Brand Registry provides the required and important set of tools which includes the Transparency Program and Project Zero Program. These tools help sellers to avoid such issues, which we have mentioned below in our blog.


Even if you don’t sell your brand yourself on Amazon, there may be someone else. It is extremely difficult to close every route that allows you to sell on Amazon.

That’s why I recommend that all brands sellers who own the brands, should use Amazon’s brand registry to protect their products from counterfeits and to control the brand experience of customers on the world’s most popular eCommerce site.


What is Amazon Brand Registry?


Amazon’s Brand Registry is an Amazon Program that gives access to brand owners to strengthened reporting tools and provides extra control on their brand all over Amazon.


Amazon has launched the improvised Brand Registry in May 2017 which helps in protecting the registered Trademark to the Brand owners and provides a trusted and precise experience.


Nowadays, the Amazon seller Brand registry provides strong features and programs to verified enrolled Brand owners to protect their rational property and also grow their business.


The brand registry gives brand owners access to additional marketing programs, including A+ content and Amazon storefront.


Why did Amazon launch the brand registry?


Amazon has faced several lawsuits from brands claiming it was not doing enough to stop the sale of counterfeit products, along with other intellectual property (IP) violations.


It seems that the brand registry site has been launched to help stop the flow of counterfeit and IP infringement issues. It also places some of the burdens on Amazon’s brand owners regarding violations by Amazon.


Because the brand registry identifies brand owners and their authorized resellers, Amazon makes it easy to apply its standards for brand sales in stores.


Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry


More than 125,000 Brands have an Amazon Brand Registration all over the world, as per Amazon. After the launch of the Brand Registry, they have found 99% less violations.


There are several benefits to this plan and include:


  • It helps the brand to have complete control over its product list
  • Ensures that the information provided about a product is accurate
  • It helps increase product sales
  • It helps protect the brand
  • It enhances the content of the brand
  • It helps improve efficiency
  • It helps to create a list of products without UPC or EN
  • It makes it easy to list products
  • This helps to create different variations of the product.
  • It removes the bad list
  • It comes with better customer support
  • It provides directed instructions for reporting potential violations.
  • These ASINs can be found in bulk and report any violations quickly
  • It provides advanced image search by images to match any fake logo or product (s).
  • Ensures that the customer reads the correct information about a brand’s product


Why should you enroll in a brand registry program?


If a person or business is an Amazon seller and produces or sells its brand, it is very important to register with the Amazon brand registry application. This not only protects the registered Amazon trademark but also creates a trusted experience for buyers.


Here are three major reasons to go for a registry plan:


  1. protects the brand from product-hijacking


Most sellers have a common fear when selling products under their brand if a random trader hijacks their product. Naturally, Amazon is a very competitive market, and with a huge vendor base, there are thousands of people who drive an extra mile to stay ahead.


However, the Amazon Registry allows brand registration and “Amazon by B” x as a sole proprietorship. So, even if someone tries to hijack a product, contact the authorized or genuine seller. Amazon Support Can contact him to finish.


  1. Report a Violation Tool (RAV)


Amazon has designed the custom features and ease the process of finding the possible violation cases Especially for Brands, such as:


  1. Image Search: Using images you can find the product listings on Amazon which match your product/item and logo.
  2. Bulk ASIN Search: You can search the list of ASINs in bulk and you can report possible violation content.
  3. Global Search: By using the same screen, you can look for the content in different Amazon stores without navigating.
  4. To measure the popularity, you can filter of average customer rating of ASIN.


  1. Gain full control over the product list


Their strict algorithms often bind Amazon, regular sellers. However, with their registry program, the rules are relaxed, and the seller has complete control over the following:


  • Product title
  • Product Description
  • Product image
  • Use of product ID instead of UPC and EAN
  • Minimize “match” errors when listing


  1. Extended reach of who can sell the brand


With Amazon’s registry option, a brand can decide who can sell its products. Five types of sellers qualify:


  • Vendors who sell their products under their brand name
  • Vendors who are manufacturers
  • Sellers who have a private label brand
  • Vendors producing white label products
  • Vendors that are de facto distributors and own trademark content on Amazon


  1. Dynamic Brand Protection


The Brand Registry uses the information provided by you related to your Brand to apply the imminent protections which helps to find and remove the possible bad listings.


The more information you provide to Brand Registry related to your Brand, Amazon will help you more in protecting your brand, such as:


  1. If someone is using your Trademark in the product title and those product listings is not for your Brand.
  2. If someone shipping or dispatching your brand products from some other countries, where you do not manufacture.
  3. If someone uses the images which have your brand logo and brand name is different.
  4. When someone lists the product by using your brand name when you already listed all your products on the Amazon store.



How to apply for the Amazon Brand Registry Program?


To get started, you need to have an account at Amazon Seller Central. Once that is done, visit their official facial brand registry portal and follow the steps below.Amazon Brand Registry Guide



Step 1: Create a registry account


To sign up and verify a brand registry account, you must do the following:


  • Provide legal/corporate information
  • Confirm identity by text / SMS
  • Accept its terms, policies, and conditions
  • Finally, click the “Save” button


Step 2: Register the brand

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits, Costs, and Setup

Once the account verification is complete, the next step is to register the brand. These include four important criteria:


  • Brand Eligibility: This page specifies the brand names to be registered, the brand logo, and the number of brand names registered in the register. After filling in all this information, click on the “Next” button.
  • Intellectual Property: This page includes choosing the brand for its trademark type, trademark name, registration number, and registration office fee. After filling in all these boxes, click on the “Next” button.
  • Validation: This page includes uploading product images, brand logos, packaging images, and presence online presence information (website and social media pages). After filling in all this information, click on the “Next” button.
  • Features:This page includes brand-seller account information, seller account details, products describing GTIN, EAN, UPC, or EAN, product details, license details, country of manufacture, and more about the countries where the product is delivered. After filling in all this information, click on the “Submit Application” button.

How Amazon Brand Registry Works


Step 3: Verification from Amazon


Once the application is successfully submitted, Amazon validates all information. The process takes 2 to 10 days to complete and activate the brand registry. In this step, Amazon sends a code to the registered trademark Office Fees.


The seller should reach out to that registered contact and inform them that they will receive an email from Amazon, which you must return to the seller.


Once the seller receives this code, he/she needs to log in to the Amazon Seller Central account and enter the case ID related to the initial email and press the Go button.

Select the Answer or View button and select the answer. Paste the code and press Enter.

Once the above steps are completed, and the code is successfully entered, the brand registry process is completed in 1-2 working days.


Cost of Amazon Brand Registry

In order to apply for a Brand Registry, you should have a registered Trademark. As of now, Amazon is not charging for Brand Registry.

For registered Trademark, you will be charged and it would be somewhere between $220 to $400 and it totally depends on the type of protection you are willing to buy.


How to know if your process was successful?

After applying for a Brand Registry, how to know if Amazon has approved your request? Below are a few easy ways to find it out:

  • Unique Identifier


The best way to know if Amazon has approved your Brand registry is to look for a Unique Identifier on your product. If you see the unique identifier on your product like UPC, EAN, etc., which means Amazon has approved your Brand.

If you are the only seller, who sells the unique product then Amazon might assign the Global Catalogue Identifiers.


On your Product, if you see Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) that means your brand is not yet approved. Make sure you keep your eyes and mind open and look for the identifiers.


  • By Using Enhanced Brand Content

If Amazon rejects your request for Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), which means your Brand is not yet approved. There could be various reasons for it. So make sure, you keep checking your profile and find out how you can make your profile stronger and progressive.


  • By Taking Help from Amazon Service Centre


The easiest and simple way to know if your Brand is registered or not is by calling Amazon Customer Service Centre. Customer Care Representative will always guide you and tell you whether your Brand is registered or not and if the request is denied by Amazon, they will tell you the reason as well.


We would suggest you register your Brand in this program, if you are selling a Unique Product or if you are a sole distributor. By doing this, you will get the overall control of your Brand and also you will get multiple benefits like Enhanced Brand Content and Amazon Buy Box, which helps you to grow your business.


If you want to keep the honesty of your Brand then it is necessary for you to get control of your product logo, images, the description of your display.


When you fill the form for Brand Registration, make sure you fill in all the details correctly and do not miss out on any information so that Amazon should not reject your Application.




In order to protect your Amazon account from counterfeiters and hijackers, it’s very important to register your brand in Amazon Brand Registry Program. When you sell Private Label products, protecting your brand is of the highest priority.


We eCommSceince, we have experts in our team who will help you in Registering your Brand on Amazon. To know more details, you can reach out to us via email at sales@ecommscience.com.

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