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Amazon A+ content: Complete Guidance

Amazon A+ content: Complete Guidance

Amazon A+ Content ecommscience

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content is the feature that allows sellers to showcase their brand in an advanced way like High-quality images, videos, and Creative graphics. It is a great and important feature for sellers to increase the sales conversion ratio.


Earlier A+ content feature was available only for Amazon vendors and Amazon sellers were using enhanced brand content with limited edition to add images, graphics, video but now Amazon made A+ content feature available seller as well. Again there is a catch, only Brand registered sellers can take advantage of this feature.


Amazon A+ content can help you to increase the sales conversion ratio and once it gets increased, your product ranking in Amazon will automatically get increased.


A+ Content is a combination of elaborate product descriptions, high definition images, graphics, and text content which help customers to make their minds and make the right decision of buying the product.


By showcasing your product and brand through A+ content, you can increase the sales on an average of 5 to 12%. This is again free and one of the important features.


Who is eligible to create an Amazon A+ Content?

Only registered sellers by Amazon Brand registry can avail of the feature of Amazon A+ content. As mentioned, earlier Amazon A+ content was only available for vendors but now brand registered sellers also can take advantage of it.


Important Note: If you have registered your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry 1.0 then you will have to re-register yourself for Amazon Brand Registry 2.0


Registered Brand sellers can add A+ content to both parent and child ASIN.


Cost of Amazon A+ Content?

A+ content is free of cost for sellers and vendors. There is premium A+ content available for vendors but that is only available by invite and can be overpriced.

There are two types of content Basic Amazon A+ content and Premium A+ content and both are different. As mentioned earlier, premium A+ content comes with the price and is only available to vendors by invitation.

Though it is free but there will be a cost, if you hire an Amazon Marketing agency to create A+ content for you.

How to Create A+ Content?

Below are the steps to create A+ content that will explain everything in an easy way.


  1. Login to your Seller Central account. Click on the Advertising and click on A+ content Manager

A+ content Manager


2. Click on Start creating A+ content Manager. Once you click on it, it will give you two options to select Self-service modules and Amazon builds for you.


vendor central


Self-service modules: If you choose this option, you need to do everything on your own like selecting designs and layout as per your need. Also, you need to create the content and graphics and add it. There are three types of modules are available Silver, Gold, and Platinum modules and each of these modules has an own flat fee.


Amazon builds for you: If you click on Amazon builds for you, it will take you to the page where you just need to upload the images and content, and amazon will choose the design and layout for you and submit it as well. The most important thing, Amazon will charge you for this service, and cost would be double then self-service module option.

3. Procedure to create and manage A+ content for Vendors:

If you choose the self-service module, it will re-directed you to the page where it will ask you to put ASIN (Left side of the page) for the product which you need to create A+ content.



While creating A+ content, many sellers get confused like which product they need to select to create an A+ content? Which product do they need to choose so that they get the benefit out of it?

So here are the tips for how and which product you need to select.

* Amazon always suggest the vendor go with the product with the premium price, which has the brand story, product which has multiple benefit and good features and also the product which receives the more traffic already.

If you remember all of these things while creating A+ content, it will be more beneficial for you.

  1. Now on the same page, you need to put your project name which is easy for you to remember for an example product name or category name and after that click on continue.
  2. Once you click on continue, it will redirect you to the page where you need to select the Module or you can also build your own layout by using the modules which are related to your product.


  1. Amazon provides 12 modules, you can check all the modules and accordingly, you can choose the best one for your product. Out of these 12 modules, 2 modules are advanced.

Amazon A+ content module

Amazon A+ Advance Module

Once you select the Module, you need to put the content and images but make sure the images should be high definition. It will help you to increase the sales conversion ratio.

  1. Once you are done with uploading the images and content, you need to click on the Preview tab. You will be able to see how it looks and you can also imagine as per the customer’s perspective.

If at all you feel something is not right, you can make the changes by clicking on edit.

  1. Once you are sure that everything was done correctly and you are satisfied with it, click on finish and submit it.


Things to Remember before creating Amazon plus Content: Guidelines and Regulations


1) In order to qualify for the promotion, you need to submit all your content which requires creating A+ content page within a month.

2) Advertising competitors and their products is strictly prohibited. If you use it, Amazon will reject your application.

3) Amazon A+ content is not indexed and due to that, it won’t help you in page ranking.

4) As per the recent update, you will be able to see the preview of your desktop and mobile version of Amazon A+ content on the same screen.

5) Text and the images you use to create A+ content should be unique.

6) You can make the changes within 2 working days after your page goes live. After two business days, it won’t allow you to make any changes.

7) Violating Amazon policies can lead your A+ content page to be removed anytime as Amazon has the right to do so.

8) Lifestyle images can be used but you need to mention clearly how you to use the product.

Amazon A+ Content Best Practices:

By now you all are aware of the eligibility requirement to create A+ content and it’s very simple so you won’t find any difficulties to optimize A+ content. Below are a few more points we need to remember while creating A Plus content:

1) Content issues

Make sure the content should be short and accurate. None of the customers have that much time nowadays to read the whole story of your product or the detailed content. Make sure you stick to the short and precise content which gives the complete information of your product to the buyers.

Also need to remember that some symbols and special characters are not allowed which includes the registered brand, copyright, and registered trademark.


2) Images and text

As you, all are aware by now that High-quality images are important to create A+ content but along with that, you can also add some compelling text, which can highlight your product features and benefits.


3) Importance of Product review and Banners

Product reviews left by your customer make a huge difference and we should never ignore them. Make sure to read all the customer’s reviews and also reviews left on your competitor’s product before creating A+  content. It will help you to understand and gives you a clear image of what the buyer wants.

Creating Banners for your product is also a great way to display your product and Brand. It attracts customers with high-quality images and gives the completed picture of your product.


4) Size and Resolution

Always remember that images you upload should be right size and resolution as bigger size images can lead to rejection. The requirement of the size of the images will be different depends on the modules you select to create content. Make sure to read all their requirements before you create A+ content.


5) Analyze before submission

As mentioned earlier that Amazon takes 7 days to approve the application but normally they approve it more quickly than the set deadline. So it is very important to read or go through with the images and the content before you click on submits.

6) Use minimum Text and keep it more visual

We can make A+ content more attractive by using more visual effects and less text. By using more visual effects can attract the buyer but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to concentrate on the text. We can keep the text simple and precise which tells the importance of the product to the buyer. Need to maintain a perfect balance between a lifestyle and product images that feature the high points of the ASIN.

7) Unique designs

Now the design you want is not just for one landing page, you always keep the entire catalog in your mind. A+ content should explain the expansion of your brand. See a big picture and how you want your Brand to showcase.

Things not to do while creating Amazon A+ content:


There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while creating A Plus content. Below are the points,

  1. Always remember to check the image resolution and size while creating A+ content and also the size and image resolution varies as per the modules requirement.
  2. You cannot display your business as a seller or a distributor.
  3. You cannot use any special character or symbols.
  4. Make sure not to mention any contact information about your company.
  5. Shipping information cannot be displayed.
  6. As we mentioned earlier you need to use high-quality images.
  7. Third-party reviews and references cannot be used.
  8. You cannot mention another link that redirects to another website.
  9. You cannot use the same product image twice.
  10. Guarantees or warranties word cannot be used
  11. Most important, do not ignore category requirements, Amazon rules, and policies as it can lead to a rejection of A+ content application.
  12. You should avoid using capitalization or bold in excess
  13. Always remember to check content before you submit it just to avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  14. You should avoid using capitalization or bold in excess.


Amazon A+ Premium Content

Amazon A+ Premium Content is also known as Amazon A++ content. This is Amazon’s special feature and is available only for selected vendors.

0This feature is not at all free. In fact, Amazon vendors need to pay a hefty amount to avail of this program. Currently, Amazon A+ premium content can be used to only a few brands but there is an assumption that soon it will be available to all Amazon Vendors.

This is an advanced version of A+ content where sellers are permitted with enhanced features.

Examples of Amazon A+ Content:

Below are the few examples of A+ content which will give you the idea and clear image of Amazon A+ content,

Amazon A+ Content Examples


By now we all that A+ content is a perfect way to grab the attention of buyers and increase the conversion rate by showcasing products using multimedia formats like infographics, images, videos, and proper layouts. You can differentiate yourself from your competitors and it will help you to drive your conversion rate.

As we all are aware that Amazon is a pool of millions of products, now how you going to differentiate yourself from other sellers? In this situation, Amazon A+ content will help you as it can show your distinctiveness from others and will help to grab the buyer’s attention.

Choose us (eCommScience) to create A+ content:

You might be thinking creating A+ content is very easy and simple but it’s not. There are many rules and regulations which we need to keep in mind while creating A+ content as it should be unique and creative which helps to grab the buyer’s attention. If at all it’s not created correctly, it can create a mess. Why take so much stress when eCommScience is there for you. We eCommScience will create A+ content for you in a perfect way. So let’s not wait anymore and take the opportunity to contact us for the creation of A+ content and we will do the rest for you.




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