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A Look at the Most Well-Known Female Gamblers

A Look at the Most Well-Known Female Gamblers

The Most Well-Known Female Gamblers
To kick things off, we’ll give you a little more information about the top female gamblers of all time. All of the women we’re going to talk about here have made it big in the gambling world and are quite well-respected for it. Of course, there are countless other women who have left an indelible mark on the gaming industry; here are only five of them.

Vanessa Selbst ist
The current leader of the Global Poker Index, Vanessa Selbst, was born in 1984. Actually, no other lady has ever accomplished this feat quite like her. Selbs has amassed three bracelets from the World Series of Poker throughout the years. Her playing name is V. Selbst, and in 2013 she fun88 took home first place in the illustrious Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure (High Roller).

Because of this tournament, she is now the highest-earning female poker player of all time. Although the American announced her retirement from poker in 2018, she continued to compete in large tournaments such as the WPT Borgata and the WPT Fallsview Main Event. We also learned during our inquiry that Vanessa had a law degree from Yale University.

Ho Maria
Among the women on our list of gamblers, Maria Ho is relatively young. Maria came to this world in 1983 in Taiwan, but she and her family uprooted to the United States when she was barely four years old. She enjoyed playing poker in her free time while she was a university student. Thereafter, she quickly realized that her talent could support her financially. Maria Ho built up enough money in only a few years to finally muster up the nerve to compete in professional tournaments.

In 2011, she became the second-ranked female poker player in the world. On eight separate occasions, she competed at the World Series of Poker final tables, and on four separate occasions, she reached the World Poker Tour final tables. Currently, Maria is also the host of several poker tournaments on television. She was named 2019’s Broadcaster of the Year by the Global Poker Awards.

Susan Obrestad
Annette Obrestad is a YouTuber and a teenage poker player. When she was just fifteen years old, she found her calling in poker. She was only having fun and wasn’t betting any real money. After some time had passed, though, she began to participate in a number of tournaments, her true passion being 1win online gambling. It is believed that Annette’s net fortune is around $5 billion, thanks to her many successful sessions throughout the years.

Mitchel, Victoria Coren
The many interests of Victoria Elizabeth Coren Mitchell are diverse and interesting. Victoria enjoys playing poker in her spare time, in addition to her passion for writing. She is currently less involved in poker since she works for the Daily Telegraph. Nonetheless, she used to remain up till the crack of dawn to compete with other gamers online in the past. In addition to being inducted into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in 2016, she won two Main Events on the European Poker Tour.

Annie Duke (AD)
Annie Duke is among the most famous female gamblers in history, and she proudly owns a World Series of Poker bracelet. She first expressed an interest in poker while she was in her early twenties. It was at a casino when she played her first hand of Texas Hold ‘Em. She found it so motivating that she kept playing with her brother, who shared her love of poker.

Actually, her brother was the one who encouraged her and provided the financial support she needed to launch dream11 her career. Her many accomplishments include being the champion of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Tournament of Champions and the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Having stepped away from the game for eight years, Duke declared her retirement from poker in 2020.

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